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Toronto Rock Athletic Centre
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Oakville, Ontario
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Youth Strength and Speed Training

Youth Strength and Speed Training!

Make 2013 your best season yet. These high intensity training sessions will prepare you soecifically for your sport and have you performing at your highest level ever!

Bigger, Stronger, Faster players have an advantage over their opponent. Led by Sean Holmes, Strength Coach for the Toronto Rock and Dan Dawson and a Certified Youth Speed and Agility Specialist, these camps will focus on training to specifically improve your sports performance.

Lacrosse is a sport that requires the athlete to have many physiological qualities to play at the highest level. Top athletes must have speed, agility, power, strength, and proper conditioning to express those qualities throughout an entire game and season.

The sessions are designed to build the athlete up to be a better lacrosse player. Anybody can make them tired, I am going to make them better.

Space is EXTREMELY limited! There are only 8 spots available for each camp and are OPEN TO MALE AND FEMALE PLAYERS!

1 Session/Week
Wednesdays 5-6pm
$30 + HST/Session

1 Session/Week
Wednesdays 6-7pm or
Saturdays 10-11am (FULL)
$30 + HST/Session

1 Session/Week                                                         2 Sessions/Week
Saturdays 11am-12:30pm                                           Monday/Wednesday 7-8:30pm
$40 + HST/Session                                                     $30 + HST/Session

*The Peewee/Bantam split session will be geared towards the younger age group. It is fine for Bantam age players to attend this session it will just involve less emphasis on Strength training than the Bantam/Midget split.

Cost can be paid in full or broken up into two payments by Credit Card/Debit/Cash/Cheque.

To Register or For More Information: Call 905-338-5863, Stop by the Toronto Rock Athletic Centre (TRAC) and visit The Dynamic Athlete on the 2nd floor, or click the link below to email.