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NCAA Elite Prep

NCAA Elite Prep Summer Strength and Conditioning Program

Bigger     Stronger     Faster

Train WITH The Pros!

Take your game to the next level this summer! This program is designed to have you at your absolute best as you head to school in the fall.

Designed specifically for the demands of lacrosse this program is for all current or committed NCAA players (others may be accepted on a case by case basis).

Power+Speed+Strength+Core+Mobility+Sport Specific Energy System Development.

The Dynamic Athlete is the place to train if you are a lacrosse player. Located in the Toronto Rock Athletic Centre it is the Home of Lacrosse Training.

Top NCAA programs heavily emphasize the Strength and Conditioning aspect of the game. They place a premium on performance tests.

Not only will you be ready to WOW your coaches on the field, but you’ll be ready to do it in the weight room as well.

Designed by Toronto Rock Strength Coach and Lacrosse Training Expert Sean Holmes, the program will use proven training methods to maximize results.

The program features three 4 week long phases including:

  • Strength: Building Maximum Foundational Full Body Strength
  • Power: Turning that Strength into Explosive Power
  • Power Endurance: Being Able to Express that Power Repeatedly

A typical session would include:

  • Soft Tissue Work: Improve the Quality of Your Muscle
  • Dynamic Warm Up: Raise Core Temperature, Improve Mobility
  • Muscle Activation/Corrective Exercise: Injury Reduction
  • Plyometric/Linear/Lateral Speed Training
  • Med Ball Training: Rotational Force Production
  • Power Training: Variations of Olympic Lifts
  • Full Body Strength Training
  • Energy System Development
  • Soft Tissue Work: Begin Recovery Process

Program Details:

  • Camp Runs Monday June 10th-Thursday August 29th, 2013
  • 4 Days/Week or 2 Days/Week Options (Mon/Wed or Tue/Thur)
  • Monday-Thursday 9-11am/6-8pm (Make Up Sessions held Fridays/Saturday mornings)
  • Baseline Testing/Re-Test at Completion of Camp
  • Nutritional Info/Guidance provided by Evolve Nutrition
  • 4 Days/Week=$1248+HST ($13/Training Hour)=3 Payments of $416+HST
  • 2 Days/Week+$720+HST ($15/Training Hour)=3 Payments of $240+HST

If you are serious about training this summer this is the program for you! Register Online HERE

Have a question? Check out the FAQ’s, email sean@thedynamicathlete.ca, or call 905-338-5863 (gym) or 416-894-9805 (cell)

This is the best Training Program for Lacrosse in the Home of Lacrosse!

Don’t take my word for it, listen to what others are saying:

DawsonDeadlift 300x300 Testimonials

Dan Dawson lifting 405lbs at The Dynamic Athlete

Dan Dawson, 2009 NLL MVP, Rochester Knighthawks
“Sean has helped my development as a professional lacrosse player off the floor, he’s a very knowledgeable strength and conditioning coach and he’s been helping me out for the past 5 seasons. He runs The Dynamic Athlete and you talk about a wealth of knowledge he really puts me through the paces and makes me bigger, stronger, faster. He also emphasizes injury prevention and those are keys you really need, you are no good to your team if you’re injured. With all these young guys coming in you have to keep up with their pace and their strength and Sean is one of those guys who has done so much for my game and I owe a lot of my success to Sean.”


Dean French, Executive Director Team Canada Lacrosse
“Sean has worked with some of the best athletes in the world and is highly regarded by the players on Team Canada’s National Field Lacrosse team. Our son Joe, a varsity lacrosse player at Deerfield Academy who has committed to the University of Virginia started working with Sean and thanks to his program has experienced a remarkable increase in speed and agility.”






Jonathan Chiang, Dartmouth LacrosseJonChiangLacrosse
“I had the privilege of working with Sean over the summer of 2011 to improve my strength and conditioning before heading back to Dartmouth for tryouts. Sean focused on my running technique, lateral agility and conditioning and over the course of 3 months, I saw drastic improvements. Sean also tailor-made a comprehensive lifting program which targeted my weaknesses and contained all the lifts we do as a part of the Dartmouth strength program and more. I highly recommend Sean to anyone serious about their sport. I can say with absolute certainty that I would not be playing Division 1 lacrosse today had I not worked with Sean this summer”

Erik Turner, Cornell LacrosseErikTurnerCornell
“Thanks so much for everything you have done for me over these past 3 months, your program is definitely the real deal and something that every lacrosse player should consider very seriously in using to improve their game. I can say without a doubt that it’s done wonders for me”